For the past decade, Sretsis has wooed and wowed with limitless creativity and never ending streams of fantasy, fairy tales and surrealistic animals beyond imaginations.  But as 10 years quickly passed, Sretsis has paused to ponder what it is that truly has our hearts skip a beat.


To progress, sometimes, one must search back to where one began.  Sretsis’ first collection “Heart” was bombarded with modern interpretations of this cliché shape and form.  In “Heart”, countless hearts were manipulated to epitomize the idea of hopeless innocence and lingering romance with a hint of irony.  An explosion of heartfelt ideas brought Sretsis to the fore.  But for “I Heart U, All Over Again”, Sretsis hearts are laid bare, stripped off flashy interpretations.  They appear on various items as they are, staring out truthfully with naked souls.


Be simple, and be true for you’ll never lose a battle of hearts that way.  But don’t hold your horses—unless it’s My Pony clutch—and never hesitate to wear your heart on your sleeves.  Just remember that Sretsis hearts you all over again.


Arrival. Departure. Unavoidable passage. Once realized that there is no escape from the ultimate path of life and death, the coming end will be kindly embraced while the departed shall be lovingly remembered.


Sretsis’ journey to Mexico during Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival opened the door to another side of death, birthing “The New Arrivals”. Taking after the Aztecs, the Mexicans believe that death is, in fact, a continuation of life—not an annihilation of deep, personal bonds. Death is to be rejoiced, not mourned nor feared. Physical presence can disintegrate, but peaceful spiritual bindings are forever etched in, outlasting the heaviest of tombstones and deepest sorrow.


During Dia de Muertos, Mexico City comes alive with the celebration of death. The mysterious city remembers those who are no longer roam the earth as its citizens flaunt their heavily decorated altar de muertos (altar of the dead) at home with offerings as well as beautify the graves of their beloved with calaveras de azucar (sugar skulls), glitters, marigolds and other assorted flowers, candles, catrinas (skull figures) and shadow boxes where the departed’ favorite memorabilia are stored alongside love, tenderness and peace of mind