Inspired by a century old Thai tradition, “Mon-Sun” Collection celebrates the whimsical thrill of finding the perfect outfit for every day. According to Thai custom, it is good luck to dress in the designated color of each day of the week. While “Mon-Sun” isn’t so strictly color-coded, the collection takes a playful approach to outfitting for any occasion—whatever the week may bring.

The collection’s seven traditional base colors—yellow, pink, green, orange, blue, purple, red— are set against Pim’s sharp prints in silk chiffon, soft cotton knits, seersucker and silk twill, from the freehand fractured, crystalline roses in Rose Storm print to Macles, a rough diamond print.

In the spirit of effortless perfection in dressing, the collection is comprised of pieces that are as wearable as they are versatile. Mix-and-matchable pieces and details like reversibility surprising pairings that make every day a happy Sretsis day.


Sretsis Parallel Universe is where anything you want to happen does happen. Anything is possible in the enchanted, wild world of Sretsis—a world full of imagination and wonder.

“Parallel Universe” evokes a dreamlike landscape with wild animals, expansive skies and mythical beings. From fur trim to digital printings of Alaskan Deer, Owls, Panthers and Unicorns on silk chiffon and silk satin, animals—real and imagined—romp through the collection.  

Prints of surreal landscapes from the North Pole to Loch Ness to the Moon also grace dresses and tops, conveying a colorful sense of mysticism. A full of sweet details like ruffles, tiers, peter pan collars, and capelet, Sretsis mixes and matches these feminine touches with surprising prints and textures like plaids and quilted fabric.  

Sretsis envisions “Parallel Universe” as a series of interlocking and interrelated pieces, a jigsaw puzzle that can be put together to reveal a hopeful, harmonious universe.