A school wouldn’t be a school without rules.  Rules wouldn’t be as powerful without rebels.

Sretsis goes back to school, drawing on traditional uniforms while breaking the rules with bold prints and prohibited hemlines. The collection explores the old and new rules of uniforms from royal heritage to modern prep school, fulfilling and defying clichés simultaneously.

The defining print of the season showcases the Sretsis coat of arms, medals and charms on various fabrics. Trompe l’oeil prints add a whimsical twist to school-age styles like classic tiered skirts and prom dresses.

Sretsis’s take on uniforms ranges from demure suiting to Lolita-esque styles with bow and ruffle detailing. The collection also encompasses ballet-inspired pieces, garden party frocks, and prom-ready dresses—all the hallmarks of the “Rebellious Sweetheart.”

Complementing the collection are accessories by Matina Amanita for Sretsis, including class rings, brooches and bangles. In keeping with the School of Rebellious Sweethearts theme, the metal and enamel pieces evoke the prep school tradition with regal motifs.


The only thing that does not change is change.

Without changes, there will not be excitements, challenges, and, most importantly, fun!
“Metamorphosis” explores the juxtaposition of the simplest process of change and the notion of “metamorphosis”, a flowing transformation into a new wonder.

The collection reveals the metamorphosis of a garment through various stages of design development. Inspired by M.C. Escher’s Metamorphosis series, the main "Metamorphosis Diamonds" displays the morphing circle of the uncut diamonds.  “Metamorphosis” collection  traces through the outlines of the diamond patterns that are gradually altered to crystal-faceted carousel animals, the Sretsis girl and back to the diamonds again. The print appears in three color stages—from basic white sketch line on black and unfinished color filled facets, to full-on rainbow scheme—and also serves as templates for garment beadings.

Classic cocktail dresses are reinterpreted and taken into steps of transformation by playing with proportion, fabrication and finishing techniques.  

“Metamorphosis” strives to please all of whom dress accordingly to their ever-changing moods.  Transform.  Morph. Change.  Be what you want to be.  The world is yours.