Love has become a four-letter word.  It has become conditional and trivial.  It has become what it’s not supposed to be.  With “Make My Heart Melt”, Sretsis reexamines the world’s most powerful emotion with fresh outlooks through flowery prints and cutting flows.  

The collection reconstructs the kind of love that is pure but playful, sweet with a touch of sour and instant yet indispensable—the kind of effortless love that plunges you into a fantasy.

Inspired by Shojo manga artist, Macoto Takahashi’s illustrations, “Make My Heart Melt” transforms such tenderness and freedom onto meticulous designs, aiming to create the easy comfort with surprising details while merging casualness with luxury.

While bringing back the youth and innocence of Takahashi’s 70's references, the collection also suggests the tongue-in-cheek humor of present days and the rebellious grunge attitude of the 90's.

The collection speaks of nothing but loving and being loved.  Don’t force your heart into a mould; let it melt into whimsical shapes and shades of love.


When dreams and magic dusts merge, Sretsis’ “Stolen Moments” leaps into its own moment in time.

Inspired by the time-honored Lladro figurines, originated by the three Lladro brothers in the heart of Valencia, the refined figurines are often placed behind a window glass basking in loving glares with a “do not touch” sign, just like our fluttering hearts, they should never be played with carelessly, but if they must be, they need to be handled with care.  Such fragility prompts Sretsis to apply the same softness, and render startling excitement once “Stolen Moments” comes in contact.

The washed out figurines’ pastel ranges from porcelain pink, sculpture grey and ice blue, becomes the collection’s palette with an accent of gold, silver, and rainbow sparkles. “Stolen Moments” also captures the present temperature where the eclectic collisions of youth, sophistication, luxury and casual comfort reflect the constantly changing lifestyles.

Create a moment, steal it, and keep it safe inside of your heart.  Don’t let anyone take your “Stolen Moments” away.