“How does it feel to be on your own/With no direction home/Like a complete unknown/Like a rolling stone?”—Bob Dylan.

Sretsis is making a high art out of wandering. Inspired by a journey to the Pink City of Jaipur, Rajasthan, Sretsis rekindles with the long lost contentment culled from traveling and coexistence of style, which can only be witnessed in India.  From Maharaja rich to vagabond liveliness, India offers an unseasoned beauty steeped deep in soul-reaching spirituality, which has been reinterpreted into comfortable luxury, textile choices, daring print techniques and bold palette in “Weekend Wanderers”.

The gypsetters fuses sophistications with offbeat conventions, and “Weekend Wanderers” strive to deliver such comfort and casual luxury through urban hippie styles, inspired by David Hamilton’s photos and the 70s.

 “Weekend Wanderers” oozes a going out of town vibe, but, in fact, it easily fits in the everyday setting.


“Up in the Clouds” breathes in the beguiling uncertainty of weather and life as well as moving emotions, and transpires them onto modern casual edge vibrated throughout the entire collection.

A children illustration book, “The Attic of the Wind” which tells a comforting story of lost trinkets, also inspires the collection. The favorite objects may be out of sight, but in fact they’re stored in the attic of the wind up in the sky, among the clouds somewhere. Sretsis carefully puts some of ours onto the main print entitled, “Up in the Clouds” with shape shifting clouds, and up above is where the Wind God, Pegasus, deer, sheep and a flock of twitters hide.

“Up in the Clouds” looks toward future minimalism, but still maintains Sretsis signature playfulness.  Aiming to make fancy more practical and practical more fancy.

Sretsis AW11 encourages all daring souls to steal the thunders, dance in the rain, and levitate up to cloud nine.  Then look down to see the wind of change.