Every Sretsis collection is in a way semi-autobiographical. It retells and encapsulates the three sisters’ worldviews, wilderment, childhood and dreamlike fantasies.  Try putting each one in a straight timeline; you might be able to unfurl this mystical, captivating Sretsishood.


"Oh, My Dear, Deer!” is light on the usual fanciful razzle-dazzle.  Still, the glamour is intact, but hidden artfully in superior details and first class textiles, aiming for timelessness, versatility and plush durability.  These classic staple pieces can be mixed and matched with each other breezily, and no lovelorn deer would be caught in a headlight.


Mesmerized by the photographic works of Horst P. Horst and George Hoyningen-Huene, whose portraits of timeless beauties and Hollywood royalties in the 30s gave a true meaning to cinematic glamour. .  Be it black and white or in monochromatic settings, the two masters of lightings and shadows epitomized women at their most alluring states. 


With old glamour firmly in grips, “Sweetness” ventures deep into the psyche of girlishness.  Instead of the usual Sretsis animal mascots and fairytale fantasies, Sretsis chooses to adopt various sweets, candies, cakes, ice creams and desserts as representations of assumed girly kitsch mentality for their age-old affiliations to the typical notion of socially constructed cuteness.


When two sources of inspirations combined, “Sweetness” comes to life for those who are not afraid to be girlish and graceful, and those who dare to be cute yet cultured.