This season marks a new chapter and exciting journey for Sretsis. Eschewing the commonplace exoteric inspirations of the material world, Autumn/Winter 2015 “Sretsis Labyrinth” takes an intrinsic look, from within, as a starting point for a timelessly treasurable collection of attire that spans the test of time.


As you step into Sretsis’ mythical Labyrinth, a metaphor and tool for the reflection of life. Labyrinths, an outlet for meditation and pondering your inner most thoughts and life’s greater mysteries, can be used to help you seek out the answers. This philosophical approach then takes a turn and refocuses that idea to what you choose to wear. Like in a labyrinth, fashion should be a question of self-exploration, with the answers already present within your subconscious. An expression of oneself dawning from the internal conundrum that gets untangled through the course of your self-reflection. When entering into the Labyrinth, the goal is to have everything answered on your way out. This season, Sretsis provides an eclectic mix with choices that will satisfy every girl’s fantasy and prove themselves as the answer for their genuine styles.


Look within yourself. Follow your heart, and start your journey into the Labyrinth. Find yourself joyfully lost in the mythical garden of wild strawberries, grapevines, fields of metallic Blue Stars, song birds flying over your head, and occasionally be greeted by a fox or Ludo, the friendly furry monster eagerly waiting to guide you with a warm embrace. 

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