A trip to Bhutan, a country where wealth is not measured by money but the level of happiness of the people, unconsciously inspired the Spring/Summer 2016 collection with the new positive vibrations. Translating the feeling of contentment, the collection evokes purity and effortless bare beauty with a playful spirit.


With this happiness in mind, Sretsis strives to create clothing that leaves you with a feeling of natural high.


Taking an enlightened journey with purified view of grunge classics reimagined in a cleansed scheme of whites, natural fabrications, and smiling symphony flowers. Continuing the feelings carried on from previous season, a melting pot of textiles and textures reinvigorate this collection with a sense of bohemian freedom and nonchalant sensibilities. Which then leads to effortless separate cocktail pieces and novelty couture-like fabrications that breathe an air of lightness into evening looks.


Emanating a sense of contentment and calm, the Sretsis girls form a cult of happiness and carefree way of life. Forgoing the chaos of the world and its influences, they take a self-reflective path of expressing one’s true self.


The most divine beauty doesn’t lie in the girls who are most fashionable, instead the ones who are happiest with contentment and radiating that natural high.

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