“There is no power stronger than love.”


Sretsis Autumn – Winter 2016 “Tamed Lovers” serves as a tribute to those who fears not of loving or being in love. The instantly electrifying first-name-only couples: Romeo and Juliet, John and Yoko, Serge and Jane, Johnny and Kate, inconspicuously inspired this collection, and looks to their opposite-that-attracts attitude to celebrate the harmony between contrasts: light and dark, diaphanous and structured, old and new, to create a harmonious new attitude of modern romance.


Taking inspiration from “The Unicorn in Captivity” tapestry, among the most intricate and beautiful textiles that survived the Middle Ages, that showcases the mythical creature with respect to its purity, power, and magic. The regal Unicorn appears entrapped in a low fence, in this case a personification of love, which it can easily escape but knowingly, decides against. Painstakingly woven to commemorate the union of an unknown couple, Sretsis admiringly recreates this motif; in celebration of love and the magic it creates, with exclusively designed “Tamed Lovers”.


With the ever-present Sretsis twist, the original “Tamed Lovers” textile depicts a fantasy romance between the most powerful couple, a Unicorn and Lion, while leaving all pop-culture connotations behind. These magical beings are surrounded by an abundance of wild-grown flora and gilded SRS cipher. Loosely chained to the Tree of Life, the couple is free to go at their will, but choose to happily surrender to one another. This exquisite reimagined motif comes to life on two fabrications. A tromp l’oeil woven tapestry print effect on100% silk Crepe de Chine, and ethereal interpretation on 100% silk chiffon with exclusively woven magic stars Lurex jacquard. The whimsical story gets an opulent darker edge with a color palette that spans bottle greens, muted pastels, rich burgundy, black, white, and beige. When paired with tromp l’oeil star-studded faux leather, luxurious silk velvet, embroidered dotted French tulle, satin with tulle patches, and hand-appliqued ostrich feather, a vision of strong-willed femininity is embraced alongside the ever-present tongue-in-cheek Sretsis humor.

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