The sun rises reflecting its rays on the shimmering white sands. Wafts of cigar smoke linger in the wind as the guitar strums rhythms of Flamenco tunes. Sretsis welcomes you into the alluring world of Spring – Summer 2017 “Paradiso”, an intoxicating look at dream exotic destinations and the wardrobe it entails. From menswear inspired classics, colorful summer essentials, to sensual flounces accentuating movement, a collection of Slim Aarons-esque perfected ease will have you wishing for just one more day in Paradise. Taking inspiration from exotic locations like Havana, Santorini, Portofino, and the South of France, Sretsis takes you on a never-ending summer holiday filled with vivacious joei de vivre.


Grab a cocktail, kick back, relax, and enjoy the thrills of a getaway (even if it’s just a daydream). Live in the fantasy of forever being in “Paradiso”. 


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