From an eccentric New York apartment, strewn with clothes,

Sretsis sisters have come a long way. From sewing her younger

sister’s prom dress, Sretsis’ creative director Pim Sukhahuta

has gradually moved to the forefront of the fashion world

with extensive press recognition and stockists worldwide.

From a close-knit sisterly unit, Sretsis, “sisters” spelled backward,

now continues to leave lasting impressions without ever losing

their offbeat passionor compromising their long harnessed visions.


Officially started in 2002, Parsons School of Design graduate

Pim materialized her childhood role-play of dressing her sisters

 into an international brand favorited by well known names.

Elder sister Kly, with a degree in magazine publishing,

oversees all marketing-related affairs while the youngest

Matina completes Sretsis with her accompanying Sretsis Jewelry line.

Noted for the signature quirks and subtle cheeks,

Sretsis thrives on stubborn sweetness and rebellious spirits

that are translated onto their designs. Sretsis shines brightly through

dream-like silhouettes and dark humoured prints disguised,

sometimes unnoticed, as a wide-eyed innocent take on age old femininity.


Sretsis’ collections read like an adventurous autobiography

as they take inspirations from those around them and what captures

their flight of fantasy at a certain period of time, turning them into

design manifestations on fabrics. Sretsis also offers a modern twist

on classic elements and clichés through proportional adjustments

and carefully crafted materials, but never with direct reinterpretations.

Besides trademark whimsical prints, Sretsis proudly boasts

progressive textile development, always steering towards constant

avant-garde experimentations. Techniques such as embroidery

and appliqué are given facelifts  and mischievous wits, 

achieving fresh yet elegant perspectives.


No matter how far Sretsis has come,

the three sisters still hold on tightly to that childhood ideology and

loving sisterhood, where it all began.


Never obvious, often grinning, always look for your inner Sretsis girl.