Sretsis presents the Fall – Winter 2021 Sretsis Archive: Heritage collection. Opening the doors to Sretsis’ rich history and heritage of signature printed fabrications, embroideries and embellishments, contradicting attitude of playful femininity and sensuality opposed with gamine touches, and reverence for the past and a discerning eye for the future.

The collection reads like a retelling of Sretsis’ past with reiterations of the things that – in spite of the nearly twenty years – we still hold dear and near, further ingraining our beliefs of sustainability in design. Divided by strengths into three main exhibits: tailoring, neo-romantic dressing, and our luxe armor du jour. Taking inspiration from uniforms, both military and academic, is a showcase of suiting with the every present gentlewomen touch. Strong sharp silhouettes are juxtaposed with delicate lace or boyish New York ’99 Tees – the year Sretsis came into fruition through Creative Director Pim’s fantasy in her apartment in the East Village – for the constant push and pull of formal and free-spirited, and the eclectic mix that has been ever-present since Sretsis’ first collection. Moving to the next showing of the “Neo-Romantics” is our take on luxury and how it is relevant in this time. Intricate embroidery and embellishments are envisioned on romantic 100% cotton dresses and not-so-basic knits that are artfully paired with casual biker shorts and jeans for a look that feels unexpected and nonchalant. Finishing off the collection is the main attraction with this season’s future classic showstoppers. Luxe details and fabrications give an eerie distinction to evening-wear that focuses on bias-cut cocktail numbers and ethereally languid looks that are decorated with diamanté details, mimicking and presenting our take on modern day armor.