“We’ll observe how the burdens braved by humankind
Are also the moments that make us humans kind;
Let every dawn find us courageous, brought closer;
Heeding the light before the fight is over.
When this ends, we’ll smile sweetly, finally seeing
In testing times, we became the best of beings.”

Excerpt from “The Miracle Morning”
By Amanda Gorman


Some of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures
are often found in the smallest and most unexpected ways.
From delicate budding blooms – promising the dawn of new life,
growth, and hope – to the simplest acts of kindness
that can unexpectedly change the world,
are the stepping stones that helped to shape
the latest Spring – Summer 2021
“The Untold Flowers” collection from Sretsis.


The abundant flowers indigenous to Thailand,
the birthplace of Sretsis, inspired a collection beaming
with hope of promoting kindness, compassion, and spreading joy.
Designed during a time when the world was more or less turned on
its head, with violence and devastation spreading like wildfire,
a message of unity, love, and giving hope to the voices left unheard
was more important than ever to get behind and promote.
Like those commonplace flowers that are often over looked,
when given their time and place to bloom and shine,
we realize that there is beauty in us all.


“This season, we wanted to learn about the lesser known flowers of
our origin. The tropical Thai flowers from Mon Rose, wild Orchids,
Queen Cattleya, pink Chain of Love, the joyful Zinnia, to Coon – or Cassia –
our national flower all had their part in inspiring the collection.
By admiring nature in their purest form, listening to their secrets,
then, we can truly appreciate the biodiversity,
and therefore the diversity of the world,”
states Pim Sukhahuta, Creative Director.


Working with long-time Sretsis collaborator and friend of the house,
O Teerawat, comes vibrant prints filled with joie de vivre.
A series of seven signature prints, each depicting inflorescence
in all their glory, colors the collection of tropical essentials,
carefree classics, and diaphanous dresses all urging each
and every one of us that now, more than ever, “It’s cool to be kind”.


Pim finishes, “when faced with uncertainty,
one can always look back to nature to find healing,
wisdom, and beauty in the world,
and I feel like it’s imperative to speak with kind words,
to see from a different perspective, and to hear from the untold.”